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My Story

Everyone has a dream. Some hidden talent or inner voice that all they want to do is share with the world. Well, "The Red Sky" is my dream. These are the characters and worlds trapped inside my head. It took over 5 years of the late nights and way-too-early mornings to finally  discover their true voices. But once I did, I couldn't shut them up! These people, and their unbelievable situations, poured out of me!  

So why would I want to give it away for $.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited? For the same reason that bands play dive bars, or artists have exhibitions... Because all I want is to share my story with you. Introduce you to Hayden and Quinn and their fractured world. Show you the good, bad, and (hopefully) funny people living in it. It's not perfect, it might have typos, and there are a lot of insanely talented people who could have done it much better than me, but I can guarantee no one loves these characters more than I do.

And I want to hear back from you! Let me know what you thought of the horrors of the glass castle! How about their march across the desert, or Eutherians, or the golden-haired boy with blue and green eyes? What's your opinion of Mr. Templeton? Who do you think he really was? And, lastly, be honest... you never saw that ending coming, did you? 


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